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Standard Color of PVC Y-Tubings
01-Gray 02-Black 03-Dark Green 04-Pink 05-Royal Blue 06-Yellow 07-Dark Blue 08-Orange 09-Light Green 10-Burgundy 11-White 12-Teal 13-Light Blue 14-Magenta 15-Lavender 16-Red 17-Purple 18-Aqua Blue 19-Baby Pink 20-Neon Orange 21-Navy Blue 22-Ice Blue 23-Seafoam 24-Frosted Green 25-Lilac 26-Frosted Blue 27-Frosted Lilac 29-Frosted Pink 30-Frosted Purple 32-Frosted Royal Blue 33-Neon Pink 60-Pearl Light Blue 61-Pearl Pink 62-Pearl Magenta 63-Pearl Teal 64-Pearl Dark Gray
Bladder / Tubing / Coil Tubing
P-107ADT Adult 2-Tube Rubber Bladder ( 22.5cm * 13.0cm )   P-107PDT Pediatric 2-Tube Rubber Bladder ( 17.0cm * 10.0cm )   P-107IDT Infnat 2-Tube Rubber Bladder ( 11.5cm * 7.0cm )   P-107AST Adult Single Tube Rubber Bladder ( 22.5cm * 13.0cm )   P-107PST Pediatric Single Tube Rubber Bladder ( 11.5cm * 10.0cm )   P-107IST Infnat Single Tube Rubber Bladder ( 11.5cm * 7.0cm )   P-107ADT/LF Adult 2-Tube Latex Free Rubber Bladder ( 22.5cm * 13.0cm )   P-107PDT/LF Pediatric 2-Tube Latex Free Rubber Bladder ( 17.0cm * 10.0cm )   P-107IDT/LF Infnat 2-Tube Latex Free Rubber Bladder ( 11.5cm * 7.0cm )
Mercurial Desk Model Sphygmomanometer
An economy model features an easy to read 300mm. Hg. scale, durable clear tubing with dimension of 301.6mm. (Length) * 8.7mm. (Outside Diameter) * 3.0mm. (Inside Diameter) and lock device for the mercury reservoir prevents spillage during transportation or when unit is not in use. Comes complete with inflation system.

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